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About us

Who we are...

Please come and say hello if you see us out and about. I'm Mark, the one doing the fun stuff at the oven and Joanne, she's the one actually doing the work. We have shared a mutual love of all things Italian since as far back as we can remember. In 2014 we decided to set up our own street food pizza business. Over two years of planning and research followed. I also spent my weekends and evenings honing my skills working with a renowned Naples trained pizzaiolo in Leeds. Since June 2017 we've been bringing our version of Neapolitan pizza to Cambridge and the surrounding areas.

What we do...

Our team bring you a little bit of pizza theatre to accompany the aromas of the back streets of Naples. We hand stretch to order, our fresh home made dough, then top it with the best quality ingredients, before firing it at around 475 degrees centigrade in our wood fired oven for 60-90 seconds. Whats not to love!

Where we do it...

You can catch us in our retro beaufort horse box every Sunday at Thirsty Shop on Chesterton Road. You will also find us popping up in and around Cambridge at markets, pubs, cafes and events, please see our social media to find out where.  We also offer bespoke menus for weddings, corporate events and parties. Although based in Cambridge we are happy to venture further afield if required.

About The pizza

Why Neapolitan?

In our opinion it's the best pizza! Simple, balanced and moreish. It has a thin base with a slight char or 'leopardo cornicione’ (the crust with little black spots). 

The critical three...

The dough.

We use age old Italian artisan techniques when making our dough, with just four ingredients Caputo 00 flour (the godfather of flour), fresh yeast, salt and water. We have spent months developing our dough and it will continue to evolve for years to come. We opted for a slow-rise which gives added flavour and is easier to digest.

The toppings.

We insist on using the best quality fresh ingredients we can get our hands on. We meticulously source all our toppings, Whether that's Calabrian meats or cheeses from Lombardy, it has to be outstanding quality. Then there is our locally sourced produce, organic meats, cheeses and vegetables.

The oven.

We scoured the uk for the best oven we could find. In our opinion there was only one option, a Bushman wood fired oven. The Rolls Royce of ovens, with outstanding build quality, even cooking temperature and exceptional residual heat it guarantees great pizza each and every time.

Our ethos

We strive to be as environmentally friendly as we can. We use biodegradable packaging and plates, we also only use ethically sourced wood. Where possible we source local organic produce.

Sample Menu

Contact us for a 2019 price list.


Contact us

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